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FG Shoes is changing its footwear technology today.Value, sustainability and consistency are now the themes moving their export.And these themes are also impacting shoes exporting for the 2013 Spring/Summer season.The authentic and natural remain in focus.They are individually interpreted with quality handmade leather shoes and a touch of competitive price point .

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Product Materials
The intensity of the colours is influenced by the look of materials and their surface texture. Criteria here are lightness, softness and a natural feel. Against this background soft kidskin plus lamb and goatskin, especially nubuk and suede, are gaining significance. Surfaces feature typical scarring. Leather comes washed, roughened up or with a patina and has a very casual, authentic look as a result. Perforations and latticework provide ventilation on hot days. Playing a key role are here textile materials. Canvas and linen, often in combination with leather, come in an enormous range of washes, dyes and tie-dye effects. Influences from foreign exotic cultures are visible in python and lizard embossing. Next summer sees material mixes, though ones that are considerably more subtle in the way they are presented. Matt-shine effects are a key style medium.


Well-being and wearability are the pre-requisites for contemporary and modern shoe fashion suitable for UK market .Last year customer valued remarks goes for fitting enter into a harmonious union.Following the trend towards casualisation focus on beautifully soft moccasins and casual top siders offered in unisex styles. ,dress shoes,boots and casual shoes still in a high demand from european customer.

image source- FG Shoes
With men's shoes sportiness is in demand across the board. The trend is heading for rounded lasts that are sometimes slightly domed in shape. Lace-ups and loafers feature an elaborate finish and often two-tone effects. Casual boots have also become a firm fixture in the shoe closet. Alongside mid-cut styles in canvas, desert boots in supple suede prove ideal companions for chinos and denim. Pale, mainly white soles and white laces exude summery freshness on sneakers and docksiders. Moccasins are the No.1 theme for underlining that casually sporty look. Materials and soles here have to be light, soft and flexible. After all, no man wants to dispense with comfort wherever they are.

FG Shoes offering EASYGOING casual and comfortable footwear to UK/USA/EU shoe retailers reflect that longing for nature and originality. 

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